The Central London Fabian Society (CLFS) has been in continuous operation for over seventy years. 

We’re an active, local Fabian society based in central London. Our events are held at Fabian central office in Westminster and other central London venues. They are open to all Fabian members with an interest in our work.

Current activities

Everything Left

Everything Left is the Central London Fabians’ discussion group on left-wing topics. It is a series of guided, participatory conversations on some of the thorniest, most contested and strangest ideas and issues in left-wing thinking – from the brand new to those that stubbornly refuse to die. Contact us for information.

Historical Research

Fabian local history is on the rise. Building on grassroots historical studies by Bournemouth and Oxford local Fabian societies, the Central London Fabians are embarking upon thorough historical research into our historical roots. Fresh archival sources have recently come into our possession.

Country Walks

The Central London Fabians hold popular quarterly ‘country walks’ in scenic and historically interesting parts of London. The walks, which are a great opportunity to explore the capital with like minded and interesting people, are advertised through our mailing list.

Get involved:
We welcome ideas for new projects, events, and discussion group readings. For suggestions and more information, please contact the CLFS Secretary, Michael Weatherburn, at

Our committee members:
Dr Priya Kalia (Chair)
Harry Farmer (Vice Chair)
Dr Michael Weatherburn (Honorary Secretary)
Giles Wright (Treasurer)
Gary Klaukka